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Written by Chris Burns  June 1999  

"Relationship" is a commitment. It begins with love, trust and honesty.

There will be lots of good times and bad times. The love shared by two must come from both.

Chips on shoulders should be dropped to start every day as a new beginning of love and understanding.

It is then that you will find peace in your life. Love and respect builds a strong and loving relationship

Working together through the hard times and trusting each other is the backbone of a relationship.

Give it all you got to make it work and always share your best side. This is what love is about.

Let go of the past actions and forgive those that hang in the back of your mind. Release the negative.

Love, appreciation and trust go hand-in-hand. If you believe in the one you love, you will find a way.

The good must come from your own heart, for it is there that you will find true love.

Do not allow others to sway you to their negative side, for it is so that you will become one of them.

Stand strong as a believer of goodness and spread happiness to all that touch your life.

For it is the goodness of your karma that attracts the goodness in your life.

Lovers do not grow apart; they only allow themselves not to grow together.

Those that believe in the beauty of love will be rewarded with the same.

Do not give up, this is the sign of weakness. Be strong and believe in yourself and the one you love.

And you will once again find that spark of joy and trust that put you together.

Let your lover know that you love them everyday and never go to bed angry.

Remember that they are human just like you. You both need to talk about each other's needs.

Seek support from those that share your positive belief in the heart, soul, love and family.

For those that seek other things are not good for you.

The negative ones are only jealous of what you have.

Don't let them win. Avoid being used by them.

Believe in the goodness of your heart.

And, Listen to your Heart Song.


By Chris Burns

It takes two to believe  06/99

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