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Written by Chris Burns  04/2003

Remember, The Road...

Remember, the Goodness in your heart

Where love, trust and honesty dwell

Continue to choose the road to Goodness

Let your heart shine a warm light on all who meet you...




Remember where love, trust and honesty was lost

it is called the evil one...

The evil one will try to steal your dreams

it will try to deceive you with lies

it will try to distract you from its true purpose

it will try to distract you from your true purpose

Friends and loved ones, beware of the evil one with many faces

Remember, the face of evil : selfishness, revenge, deceit and greed

Remember, evil begets evil

evil will be rewarded with evil, now or in time to come

it will smile in your face while pretending to be your friend

it will test the Goodness in your heart to find your weaknesses

Break free, don't let the evil one abuse you

Take notice that Love and hate are at war,

Remember, The side you choose will become your fate

Remember, The LORD is always watching over you

HE will never leave you alone when fighting your battles

No matter what the outcome, there is a purpose for your decision

Remember, The LORD loves you

Remember, that the road ahead is already paved for you

If you stray from the path of Goodness

You will always return to the path of evil...

Remember, the road to where love, trust and honesty was lost...




By Chris Burns

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